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Transmission Line & Feeder Erection

Transmission Line & Feeder Erection

Transmission Line & Feeder Erection

  1. Construction of HV Transmission Line:

    • Expertise in the construction of high voltage transmission lines ensuring reliability and efficiency.
  2. 33KV, 132KV Feeder Bays:

    • Design and construction of feeder bays for 33KV and 132KV systems, optimizing power distribution.
  3. Metering & Protection System at the Substation:

    • Implementation of advanced metering and protection systems at substations for enhanced monitoring and security.
  4. CT PT Installation:

    • Precision installation of Current Transformers (CT) and Potential Transformers (PT) to accurately measure and monitor electrical parameters.
  5. Conducting Surveys for 11KV, 33KV, 132KV Transmission Lines:

    • Thorough surveys conducted for 11KV, 33KV, and 132KV transmission lines to assess and optimize infrastructure.
  6. Substation Backfilling:

    • Specialized backfilling services for substations to ensure stability, safety, and longevity of the infrastructure.
  7. Earthing of All S/S Equipments:

    • Comprehensive earthing solutions implemented for all substation equipment to guarantee safety and effective grounding.

These services collectively reflect our commitment to providing end-to-end solutions for Transmission Infrastructure Projects, encompassing high-voltage system design, construction, and optimization.

For inquiries, quotations, or to discuss your Transmission Infrastructure Project requirements further, please feel free to get in touch with us.