CEIG Approval

  • Rooftop solar plants from 100KW onwards
  • Ground mounted solar power projects from 1MW – 150 MW
  • Drawing approval
  • Charging Permission from the concerned CEIG office

Net-metering Registration from the DISCOM

  • Co-ordination & arranging site visits of officials of Local DISCOM.
  • Application to DISCOM for net metering and permission for work process 
  • Technical Feasibility study from the O&M dept. 
  • Approval/Sanction of Net Metering scheme
  • Getting Quotation For Supervision, CT PT & NET meter Testing.
  • Testing of Net meter, solar generation meter and CT’s from the Testing dept.
  • NOC from Testing department & submission of WCR
  • Net metering connection agreement.
  • Meter installation and synchronization from DISCOM.

SLDC Registration – Telemetry

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Open access permission


MPNRED Project registration

  • Solar & Wind & Biomass based technology projects

MPPMCL Liaison

  • Coordination with MPPCL for PPA Compliance
  • Payment recovery
  • Portfolio Management
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